Socially distant photo shoots!


I hope you're all as well as can be in these strange times we find ourselves in!

Just a quick note to say that I am finally able to offer photo shoots again! Yippee! I know that Coronavirus is still very much a worrying thing, but you can rest assured that we can still create beautiful images from more than two metres away and stay safe! Here's a few precautions I am taking to put your mind at rest if you'd like a shoot but are unsure about the risk:

  1. I have a very long lens, meaning I can be at least 10 metres away from you yet still get the perfect 'close up'

  2. I will wear gloves at all times and a mask if you wish, however there will be no need for me to touch anything apart from my camera

  3. I will clean my hands with hand sanitiser in my car when I arrive

  4. I will leave my camera bag in the car so there will be no risk of anyone touching it by mistake and the camera will stay on my person at all times

  5. I will need to scout locations at your yard. This can be done whilst 2 metre social distancing, or if you prefer, we can do a FaceTime tour beforehand so I can come pre-prepared

  6. If I am feeling unwell or showing any symptoms of coronavirus, our shoot will be rescheduled to a later date, I will self isolate for a minimum of 3 weeks to ensure everyone's safety.

Unfortunately I won't be able to hug your horses (sad face) or give them any treats so I recommend you bring your own, as well as someone from your own household to help out with positioning your horse, but it's not a necessity!

I do ask that if you or anyone else in your household or on your yard is experiencing Coronavirus symptoms, that you inform me as soon as possible so we can reschedule.

Hopefully this has put your mind at rest a little, and I look forward to seeing you soon!


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