We've had a re-brand!

Good morning everyone! I hope you and your horses enjoying whats left of the autumn sunshine- we certainly are!

So i've been umming and aahing for a while now over whether or not to separate the equine photography and wedding services and I finally decided it was a good idea! 

I was house bound on Monday whilst we had new wardrobes fitted so I managed to find time to sort the big change. What helped my decision to separate the two was the fact that potential couples looking for a wedding photographer were bombarded by photos of horses before reaching the wedding part- not great for attracting clients. I'm really proud of the website I've already built as ZaZa Photography, so instead of starting afresh, I decided to keep it as my equestrian photography venture, and have added the wedding photography to the florist business I own to make more of a package for couples.

So all I've changed really is the name (which again was a tough decision and took me a while) and the logo which I made myself.

I'm really looking forward to taking this little business to the next level! Let me know what you think of the new brand in the comments and stay tuned- I will be on the lookout for new brand ambassadors soon!


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