10 random facts about me

Hello everyone! I'm Alex, a horse mad photographer based on the outskirts of London.

I've decided to write this post because I've recently gained quite a few followers and wanted to introduce myself, so here are a few facts!

1. I used to work in showbiz!

I spent 10 years from the age of 18 to 28 working behind the scenes as an Assistant Director on some pretty big Blockbusters. Productions such as Harry Potter 5, 6 & 7, War Horse, Captain America, Downton Abbey and EastEnders! It's where I learnt my trade! Check out my IMDb page here.

2. Before I ventured into film, my original plan was to go and study veterinary medicine

I had my heart set on it until a friend of mine got me work experience on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and I was hooked on the film industry. I didn't end up going to uni at all and just went straight out to work!

3. I have my own horse

She's a 23 year old KWPN mare called Omora aka Monkey and I love her more than anything! I've had her for almost 17 years and no matter how I'm feeling, she always puts a smile on my face! She had an accident 10 years ago in the field and sliced through her stifle joint- 2 tendons and a ligament. Two touch and go operations later, she had to learn to walk again so unfortunately she can't be ridden anymore but she's a happy field ornament!

4. I'm OBSESSED with space

On a clear night, I'm often found on the farm wandering round looking up at the sky. The sheer expanse of it fascinates me, as does not knowing what's out there. I follow so many Space-eqsue accounts on Instagram- some of the images that the Hubble Space Telescope are mind blowingly beautiful! I think if I wasn't so terrified of flying I would definitely have been an Astronaut. I LOVE astro photography too, I'm no good at it but again, Instagram gives me my daily fix. It's so cool that you can see the rest of our galaxy in a long exposure pic!

5. I'm an archaeologist

Ok, an amateur archaeologist! As well as Space, I'm also obsessed with old & ancient artifacts, particularly anything to do with ancient Egypt and also London. London's history is phenomenal! Last year I discovered the History Channel's 'Mud Men' program which I watched for weeks back to back. It follows London's greatest and most successful mudlark- Steve Brooker and his side-kick Johnny Vaughn along the banks of the Thames. Mudlarks are amateur archaeologists who basically rummage through the mud a low tide and find amazing archaeological things, ranging from the stone age to present day. That river has been running through London since before any settlement in London and for thousands of years people have lost things or thrown things in the river. I met up with Steve last summer and he taught me how to mudlark. It was honestly one of the best, most educational things I have ever done! Check out Steve's Instagram here.

6. I shoot!

Not only photos, but shotguns too! Clays only though, I'd never shoot game, I'm far too soft! Turns out I'm a pretty good shot too, I've won a couple of The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club's events and came 3rd at the prestigious Holland & Holland Green Feathers course. Bun club is an amazing way to get ladies into shooting, you shoot in the morning under instruction and while the scores are being counted, you eat cake and drink tea out of bone china cups and saucers! I've been to most local grounds but H & H is by far the best place to learn- they taught Wills & Harry how to fire a gun too!

7. I'm slowly taking my BHS exams

Because, why not?! I'm around horses all day every day. I'f I'm not photographing them, I'm with my own horse on a busy livery yard with a riding school and Pony Club. As I said before, I LOVE horses, they're just awesome, so once I've passed all of my stages I will be able to teach other people how to love them too! I've currently got my Stage 1 and 2 Care and my stage 3 is booked for a couple of weeks time.

8. I didn't go to uni, but I've got a degree

After my stint in film, I got a mind numbing job in estate agency. Office work is not for me to say the least! I need to keep my brain occupied so I enrolled on an Open University degree course in BA (Hons) French & Spanish. The OU is amazing, so supportive and you can study in your own time at home. I got to study in the sun at the University of Alicante for a bit too. I've always been interested in languages so, why not?!

9. I'm a trained florist

As well as the degree, I also went to night school to train to be a florist! I thought it would be a good money maker that I could do between film jobs. Truth is, it's really hard work and doesn't pay well! Actually, it does pay well if you rip people off with Chrysanthemums and Gerbera (the cheap crap) but I just couldn't do it! I'd get up at 4am to go to the flower market, buy the high end flowers. drive home, make the bouquet and after all that I'd make a fiver or break even if I was lucky.

10. I HAVE to be creative

I don't know if there are any photographers or other creatives reading this and I would be interested to know if you feel the same, but if I don't get to do what I love (photograph) at least once a week I get really miserable! Creating something I can look at and be proud of really makes me tick, especially if other people like it too!

Which Is why I started this business and why I put so much into it. Not many people get to do what they love and make a living from it. Running a business is far from easy but when it goes well there is no better feeling!

So there you have it! 10 random facts about little old me! Tell me something about you in the comments!

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